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K-POP girl group EXID taking on 2018!

EXID is a girl group that got their start in February 2012 with the single “Whoz that Girl.” However, they did not gain popularity until a live recording of their single “Up&Down” went viral in 2014. They went on to release their first album, Street, in 2016. Following the album’s release, it was announced that one of the members, Solji, had to go on hiatus after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Yet, with the release of the mini album, Full Moon, on November 7th, 2017, Solji was able to start helping with the recording process again. EXID currently monthly releases remastered versions of b-side tracks from their old albums as a part of their “Re:Flower” project. Their latest installment was a remake of the track “Will You Take Me” from the album Street, which was released on February 12th, 2018.


SJ : Let us start with how you all are doing. Are you working really hard these days?

LE: I'm working, exercising, and preparing for the new album. Hani: I'm preparing very hard for our next album.

Hyerin: I'm completing my individual schedules, watching musical performances and spending a lot of time for myself.

Jeong-Hwa: I'm spending time for self-reflection to prepare for our new album.


SJ : What is a day like in the life of EXID?

LE:I usually enjoy staying at home, so I try to do everything at home.

Hani: It's different for all members, but we all complete our individual schedules.

Hyerin: If I don't have a schedule to complete, I always wake up late, go to a lesson, work out and meet up with a friend.

Jeong-Hwa: I work out, study a foreign language and watch movies and dramas at home.

SJ: What should fans be looking forward to from EXID in 2018?

LE: Hmmm...better music!

Hani: We think it would be possible for EXID to come back as a complete group! I think the fans are waiting for this too.

Hyerin: We're trying to see the fans a lot like we did last year so I would love the fans to continue cheering for us.

Jeong-Hwa: They can look forward to the complete EXID and for the precious memories we will make together.


SJ: How has 2017 been for you? What was the best part of 2017 for EXID?

LE: It was a little tiring to work without Solji, but it was a very memorable year. Every moment was the best.

Hani: Every moment I spent with the members was precious. If I was to choose one, it would be when Solji surprised us during the founding ceremony.

Hyerin: Time flew in 2017. The most memorable moment was when Solji surprised us at the Seoul mini fan meeting.

Jeong-Hwa: 2017 was a year where I learned a lot of things as a team as well as about myself. It was also a year that I loved myself the most. The best moment of EXID as a group would be the moments when all 5 of us were together such as the mini-concert, reality TV filming, jacket shooting, etc.

SJ: Can you tell us one unique thing about each of you?

LE: All of us have very weird and unique laughs.

Hani: Solji is very social, LE has skill in finding something new from something we are familiar with, Hyerin is a delightful and lovely person, Jeong-Hwa is a great listener and has kind and healthy mind.

Hyerin: Solji is a daddy, LE is a mommy, Hani is a careless big brother, Jeong-hwa is mature little one, Hyerin is an auntie who cooks well.

Jeong-Hwa: Solji has a laugh that makes other people feel good, LE has a great sense of humor, Hani's life is just a sitcom, Hyerin is an energizer.

SJ: What music are you listening to these days?

LE: Primary-I know

Hani: I listen to EXID songs again. I love our songs. LE is the best.

Hyerin: DEAN – Instagram

Jeong-Hwa: Moon Moon – Aewol

SJ: Who are your favorite artists/musicians/actors?

LE: Tom Hardy

Hani: Vice-chief Oh from drama "Miseng", Actor Lee-Sungmin

Hyerin: Ohk Juhyun

Jeong-Hwa: Actress Jung Yumi

SJ: Did you make any New Year Resolutions for 2018? Can you tell us?

LE: To see more things and to feel more

Hani: Challenging myself to try new things

Hyerin: Wishing I can do a lot of meaningful things

Jeong-Hwa: The word for 2018 is "Express". I want to express myself more.

SJ: What is EXID's greatest wish in 2018?

LE: To grow more.

Hani: Concert as an entire group.

Hyerin: Solo concert.

Jeong-Hwa: To be in front of our fans as an entire group of all 5 members.

SJ: What are each of your favorite hobbies?

LE I'm enjoying decorating my house these days.

Hani: Reading comic books.

Hyerin: Watching movies, Skateboarding

Jeong-Hwa: Watching movie at home, Watching drama.

SJ: Do you have a message for your fans, both in and outside Korea?

LE: EXID will work harder so be with us as always. I love you all!

Hani: Always thankful for all your love. I wish our fans can be happier with us.

Hyerin: We will try harder to get closer to you guys so continue to be with us.

Jeong-Hwa: LEGOs! No matter if we are far apart or close to each other, we are always feeling your love. Thank you always. I wish you guys can feel our love too. I love you!

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