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Boy Group with Limitless Potential Debuts

BLACK6IX debuted with the song “Please” in April 2017 with their first teasers dropping in March, 2017. Seoul Journal interview the six members of the boy group, formed under Black Hole Entertainment: TaeYoung, The King, Yey, YongSeok, Jong-woon, and Ziki.


SJ : What are your feelings on your debut song and music video?

Tae-Young:We were thrilled to be making the debut that we always dreamed of. Creating a music video using the debut song ‘Please’ was fun. We especially made an effort for each member to individually be able to express the meaning that the song contains.


SJ: What is the story behind the name BLACK6IX?

Tae-Young: It means “Unknown boys with limitless potential.”


SJ: What are some of the qualities that uniquely define your group?

Tae-Young: I come up with BLACK6IX's choreography and have played a key role in BLACK6IX as a leader.

Yong-Seok: I think I possess a voice that is soft and pleasing to listen to. And I’m currently practicing to develop my voice further. Although my dancing is not up to par with that of other members, through my passion I am always doing my best when practicing.

Ziki: Although I am lively and playful, if I grab the mike, I think I display a serious demeanor and an attractive rap voice. Also, as the atmosphere-setter of the team, I increase the efficiency of group practice by raising the morale of my fellow members.

Jong-Woon: I act like a mother who always cares for the members. Above all, my biggest influence is on the eating and consumption habits of the group. Yey: First of all, I am lively in personality, and consider myself to be positive and friendly to others. I play the role of the bright facet in the darkened aesthetic of BLACK6IX.

The-King: I learned to rap on my own, but I never heard that I couldn’t rap while self-studying. Since I am young I am looking forward to the me of the future.

SJ: Who are your favorite musicians from Korea and abroad?

Tae-Young: Chris Brown. Although Chris Brown is a soloist, he doesn’t stick to a single genre and he can do various things such as singing and dancing. I want to become a singer like him who does not lose to groups with many members even though he is alone.

Yong-Seok: I like the group known as ’N Sync. Even when listening to their music now, it doesn’t sound unfashionable. I can still sense the various colors that they try to express. They serve as an important example for us as well.

Ziki: I use G-Dragon as a role model. Of course, there are several foreign musicians who are well-known and distinguished, but G-Dragon is the one who has given me the greatest inspiration and has excellent qualities in various fields such as rap, dancing, lyrics composition, and fashion.

Jong-Woon: I like Jessie J the most. I think Jessie J is a great vocalist who can sing the same song with a different sound every time, even though it is not easy to sing the same song differently to audiences who are so used to listening to your music.

Yey: I like my senior Justin Bieber. I am inspired by the difficult start that he had and he has become a model of music style to me. Although I have a lot of areas that are lacking, I want to become a great artist who learns and acquires the good aspects of his seniors!

The-King: I like The Notorious B.I.G. from overseas. I listened to his rap and discovered real hip-hop style. I think that there is nothing like it in Korea.

SJ: How did you train before your debut?

Tae-Young: We practiced quite a lot before we debuted, trying to address a lot of our deficiencies. Breathing, especially among members, was important, so we tried to focus a lot on breathing together. And because we worked harder on the aspects that we were good at, we were able to do well.

Yong-Seok: As we practiced our dancing routines, if there were any parts our members were uncertain about, they asked and studied and worked together in the process. Because we all know the vocal parts of the song that each member is not good at, we always work hard together and practice the basics in the front of the piano.

Ziki: As a crew member I have been practicing dancing a lot. I have not only accumulated a lot of valuable experience on the big stage such as music broadcasting, SBS Gayo Daejeon, and MBC Gayo Daejaejeon, but also been involved in mix-tape making through featuring.

Jong-Woon: Whenever I practice singing, I do not think of leaving once I have entered the rehearsal room. Once I get into practice and start concentrating, I cannot come out because I am having fun with molding the song. I initially felt distant to the act of dancing, but after I started to feel better in the mirror, I tried to have a little more fun and work hard. Actually, the reason why I’m getting used to dancing is because of my fellow members. The members gave me a lot of confidence.

Yey: Before I entered Black6ix I was doing vocal training and dance practice at an institute. When I was a student, I had a lot of things to do, so I did not have much time to practice. After I graduated from school, I studied and practiced dance actively alone and asked several teacher friends of mine for guidance, and that’s how I came to enter BLACK6IX.

SJ: What is your most memorable moment as a K-POP group?

Tae-Young: It was our debut stage. It’s because that was the debut that we always looked forward to. The moment the broadcast station PD told our nervous selves to celebrate the debut gave us great confidence.

SJ: What is Black6ix’s most important dream as a band?

Tae-Young: Each member will have musicians that he looks up to. We, as people who dream of becoming great musicians like them, would like to be a musical group that everyone knows and goes beyond the top.

SJ: What kind of a song is “Please?” Tell us about your recording experience.

Tae-Young:‘Please’ is a song that delves into the mind of a dejected guy who wants to cling onto a woman, who is leaving him, but cannot hold onto her. When we recorded this song, we all became the male protagonist in the song, focusing on the lyrics one by one and singing with our hearts.

SJ: What can your fans expect from you in the future?

Tae-Young: Our group will make great efforts to show fans the possibilities that we have in store for the future. We will always try to stand in front of our audiences with cooler and better appearances.

SJ: Do you have a message for your fans?

Tae-Young: Thank you so much for loving us, and with our fans’ strength, we will continue to provide a good show. Please continue to support us in the future. We would also like to thank all our fans who support us from overseas and it would be nice if we could meet them in the future. Please wait! We love you all. Thank you.

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