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Singing His Heart Out: The Story of a Young Artist

YooSeung-Woo is a 19-year-old singer, song-writer and guitarist from Seoul. He has attended Seoul Music High School. He also appeared on Mnet’s Superstar K4 as a contestant and much more.Seung Woo has released one album, three mini-albums, and several singles since his start in 2012. His latest mini-album Pit a Pat came out earlier this year. The Seoul Journal managed to catch up with him to ask about his career, inspiration and more.


SJ: When did you start learning music and what made you decide to start singing?

YOO :It is hard to say when my interest in singing really started. Music has existed in my daily life and I was dreaming of becoming a singer since I was very young, so I do not even remember when it was. I started to sing naturally.

SJ: Who are your early musical influences? Have they changed significantly since your debut?

YOO: I grew up listening to Shin-Seunghun and Kun-mo Kim’s music very often. I loved to listen Jason Mraz and Demian Rice’s songs as well. I tended to listen to old music and pop songs when I was in high school. Those might be the reason why I do this kindof music right now.

SJ: What do you most enjoy writing about in your songs?

YOO: I enjoy writing songs about the theme of ‘love’ because everyone can empathize and share that feeling. There are many kinds of shapes and objectives in love so it is easy to describe it through anything.

SJ:Can you tell us a bit about your experience at Mnet’s Superstar K4?

YOO: I was exhausted at that time. I do not even know how I did it at that time. I could not sleep and my throat was sore! However, I was so happy every single moment that I could say I was the happiest I’d been in my life.

SJ: How do you manage to juggle your studies at Seoul Music High School with recording and performing?

YOO:It is a characteristic of my school that they help students to do better in their abilities independently so that I could possess my own color in my music. To be honest, I felt bad about missing class because of my busy broadcasting activity schedule. However, it was such a good thing that most of my friends are in the same career as I am. So, they cheered me up and helped me to focus on music.

SJ: We understand that when you took the Korean College entrance examination in 2014, many fans were waiting to give you gifts outside the classroom. How did that make you feel?

YOO:It was not in front of the classroom but they waited for me outside to give gifts. My friends were next to me and they were jealous of me! I want to say thank you again for reminding me of that moment.

SJ: Do you have a musical mentor?

YOO: :I can say all of my professors and friends are my mentors. Each individual shares their characteristic and feeling of music so that we can compete and teach each other. It stimulates my music to be better and I get lots of lesson through them. I can say every people around me can be a mentor.

SJ: Can you tell us about your recent mini-album Pit A Pat?

YOO: Pit a Pat is an album of variety. I thought an album should contain one characteristic or color, but I realized audiences prefer to listen to a variety of music. I hope people enjoy my music because many good composers and my music are in my album. I hope you guys enjoy it.

SJ: Would you like to collaborate with any other musicians? If so, who are they?

YOO: I want to collaborate with Barberettes, Vichaeeon Root, SunwooJungah because these guys’ voices are very attractive.

SJ: What is your favorite song of all time?

YOO:“I’m Yours.”

SJ: What are your hobbies outside music?

YOO: Soccer. I enjoy playing whenever I am free.

SJ: Would you like to perform overseas? If so, which is your dream location to have an overseas concert?

YOO: I want to have concerts around the whole world! I know it is hard, but I will. I want to go whatever place needs me.

SJ: What is your proudest achievement?

YOO: When I got a pass on Superstar K.

SJ: What are your goals for the future?

YOO:I want to be a good musician, I want to be mature as I grow up and want to show a good attitude as a musician. I do not want to lose passion toward music and I want to be recognized as a good musician.


SJ: What advice do you have for aspiring young musicians like yourself?

YOO: Let’s get together even after 10 years! I hope I can stay beside you guys as long as possible.


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