2016 Top 10 Rankings Results

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Seoul Journal's 2016 Polling Results

What are your favorite things about Korea and Korean culture?

Readers voted. Readers decided!

In June of 2016 Seoul Journal announced the first ever Top 10 Ranking for the reader's favorite Korean entertainment icons. Over the course of 2017 we asked Seoul Journal readers to vote for their favorite things in Korean entertainment. This first year proved to be successful with over 30,000 votes submitted by readers from all over the world. Here are the top 3 winners for each category and stay tuned for the 2017 rankings.

Best Korean Girl Group


1. Sistar

2. SNSD/Girl’s Generation

3. Apink


Best New Korean Girl Group


1. WJSN/Cosmic Girls (우주소녀)

2. Lovelyz



Best Korean Male Group


1. BTS

2. Big Bang

3. EXO


Best New Korean Male Group


1. Monsta X (몬스타엑스)

2. Seventeen

3. iKON


Best Korean Female Solist


1. Hyolyn ( 효린)

2. Ailee

3. Taken


Best Korean Male Soloist


1. K.Will

2. G-Dragon



Best Korean Male Rapper


1. Zico

2. Simon D

3. Zion.T


Best Korean Female Rapper


1. Jessi

2. Jimin

3. Yezi





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